Billy Burton

The Cyclones (1963)
5th January 1941- 30th September 2017
Sadly missed by Friends and Family


Billy Burton  and Baz (40th Anniversary Star Club Hamburg)
Wes Paul (c) 2002
Billy Burton [Baker Street] at Southport Show
Wes Paul (c)
Billy Burton with Wes Paul and Horst Fascher on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of Star Club [HAMBURG]B
Wes Paul (c)
Karl Karl Terry, Billy Conroy, Wes Paul, Billy Burton and Chris Evans
Night out at Old Swan Conservative Club
Wes Paul 9c)

BBilly Burton [Bottom Left]
The Pete Best Combo
Pete Best (c)

Billy Burton with Linda Gale Lewis
Band Room - The Cavern
[Sound of The Sixties - Cavern Showcase]
Wes Paul (c)
Billy Burton and Arty Davies
Billy and Arty Davies (C) Mike Prendergast

Billy Burton with Baker Street
The Southport Show
Wes Paul (c)
Billy Bilinda and Rebecca
Rebecca with Billy (Grand-dad) and Mum Bilinda
(c) Bilinda Burton